As You Like It

Summarise the moral lessons drawn from act 2,scene 1 by jacques

Pertaining to act 2, scene 1

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Act Two opens with a rousing speech championing simplicity and joy:

Now, my co-mates and brothers in exile,

Hath not old custom made this life for sweet

Than that of painted pomp? Are not these woods

More free from peril than the envious court?

Here we feel not the penalty of Adam, (49; II.i.1-5)

How striking it is that after being overthrown and having his life shattered, Duke Senior finds joy, happiness, and freedom within the Forest of Arden - that the “penalty of Adam” does not touch him there. It gives hope to the readers – which changes in circumstances, that evil done by intimates, can still transform into something more valuable. To be cliché, yet appropriate, as one door closes, another opens.