As You Like It

Questions related to the poem river by A. K. RAMANUJA

"He was there for a day

when they had the floods."

Is 'he' the poet himself or somebody else? for how long he was in Madurai?

what is the message conveyed by poet in this poem?

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I'm sorry, we aren't able to answer questions posted under another unit and study guide. This particular question forum is specifically for As You Like It.

He is not referred the poet. Actually it is the speaker of the poem. The message of the poem is thought provoking. It is about a river, situated in Madurai city in South India. The poet wants to direct through the poem, the callousness of the old and the new poets about human miseries. The poet says that in past time many poets had written about the vaikai river when it is full of flood in monsoon & they discussed the tremendous appearance when the vaikai river is full by the flood but they did not give their eye on the destruction caused by the flood. The new poets do same. Both the new & the old poets say that two cows have drown whose name were Gopi and Brinda but they did not mention the name of the pregnant women who was drowning.