As You Like It

Importance of the title "As You Like It"

"As You Like It"

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Actually, this novel added 2 shakespeare play's under a huge debate...coz,this novel was written simply with no title and no signature at the end(usually the author would sign his name/pen-name at the end of their article)....these two things were actually missing...then finally it was concluded that it may be wriiten by Shakespeare and they left the title to be decided by the readers..thats why, it is named as "AS YOU LIKE IT"-meaning the readers whoever it may be, can title this novel as they like......

Hey there Arun...

That's an interesting one...but do you have some kind of a reference for this...? Some site or book name or something where you got this info??? No offence meant, but I needed to be sure before I mention it to students in class. :)


please mention some referrence, books or any site!

please mention some referrence, books or any site~!

I liked the essays.

Can u plz giv more details on the importance of the title As You Like It ???

good inference.had it been so do you think the critics would have ignored the story?Anyway I join others with a request for reference.