As You Like It

Give the meaning of - The little wit that fools have was silenced, the little foolery that wise men have makes a great show.

said by Celia to Touchstone

in scene II of Act I

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Honestly, you’re speaking the truth—ever since the fools were silenced, the foolishness of wise men has become all the more apparent. Here comes Monsieur Le Beau.

Saprknotes/ No Fear Shakespeare

can you please explain the meaning of 'silenced' as given in Sparknotes..I don't get what is that burning of satirical book means?

Sure, Celia is implying that wise men are no wiser than fools. I think fools being in the context of court jesters like Touchstone. They were considered quite wise. If they were silenced (not allowed to speak) the wise men would sound silly.


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