As You Like It

Does Orlando have any mysogynistic or patriarchal tendencies toward women?


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Orlando kind of reminds me of Romeo (separate play of course). He's kind of a sap when it comes to women. When he sees Rosalind he falls desperately in love. He immediately starts spouting poetry and prose that isn't even very good. Check this out,

"From the east to western Ind,

No jewel is like Rosalind.

Her worth, being mounted on the wind,

Through all the world bears Rosalind."

Yuck! As far as mysogynistic or patriarchal tendencies, Orlando follows the type of Shakespearean man that goes all or nothing for love. Women are either worshiped or forgotten, there is no in-between . In that sense there is a type of misogyny that relegates women to the stuff of male fantasy. There is no evidence that Orlando is overtly cruel to women but he has expectations that no woman could live up to.