As You Like It

Discuss the relationship between (i)oliver and orlando (ii) duke frederick and duke senior.what aspect of their characters is reavealed from their relationship?

we have to tell abt the relatnship btw the two brothers in every part of the question n with the help of dat understand their characters...plzz can i get my answer as soon as possible...i have to complete my english project...

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oliver and orlando are brothers.brothers by blood.but that doesnt matter to oliver because he is a character who show greedyness toward get his wealth he would destroy anyone who gets in his way..even is own brother.on the other hand orlando is a very calm and generous yet handsome person with a great personality.he is upset that his own brother left him uneducated and used it for his own a point he calls orlando i vilian with arouses orlando and reaches for olivers neck. from that point onwards oliver hires a wrestler named charles to plot the murder of orlando but their old servant adam overhears this and tell orlando to leave the kingdom with adams money 500 gold coins and escapes..

thats all i cant type


Orlando and oliver are brothers.There father Sir Rowland De boys gave oliver the responsibilty to take care about oliver and his younger brother.oliver is a greedy

man .he always cares about himself. he always run behind wealth.oliver hates

orlando and ill treats him like not giving him food; not giving education etc.oliver said charles that break his neck like a figure.orlando falls in love with celia after the wrestling match.orlando is a quiet and handsome boy.