As You Like It

Consequences of the wrestling match on orlando,rosalind and charles

Condition of charles,feeling of rosalind ,saying of rosalind to orlando and celia and orlando respect.

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The match works to advance both the plot and the characters. Rosaline and Orlando are introduced to each other. The match shows Orlando has great physical strength and great character. He defeats a seemingly stronger opponent. Orlando hence earns the respect of Rosaline and really the audience as well.

The match helps in the progress of the plot. Rosalind and Orlando are introduced to each other and they fall in love. By defeating Charles Orlando demonstrates his power. The match also leads to the banishment of Rosalind and the running away of Rosalind,Celia and Touchstone from the court and orlandos running away from his brother so that they might all meet at the forest of Arden and the play might progress on to reconcilliation.