As You Like It

Audrey is a peasant girl with sterling honesty and chastity? Give her character sketch based on this context.

Answer must be of minimum 300 words

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Audrey might have been honest and even chaste but that is really not how she is portrayed. Audrey has a limited role in As you Like It. When she is not herding goats she falls in love with Touchstone. Audrey is a simple goat hurder. Simple is the operating word here. Shakespeare presents her as rather stupid. Touchstone spends much of the play stumping poor Audrey with his linguistic games. Audrey is pretty stupefied by all this cleverness but, despite being humiliated, she still seems to like Touchstone. The humour comes from playing the clever linguist against the simple, very literal, peasant girl. It is an odd match but by the end of the play we can see the attraction is physical more than anything else.