As I Lay Dying

what are some obstacles the family faces while taking Addie to Jefferson?

what are examples of their "bad luck"

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Their journey to Jefferson is a tough one; full of obstacles. The main problem with the original route the Bundren family was going to take, is the bridge is out. It was partially washed away by the river below. Because of this, the family has to come up with a fairly new plan, and this takes a few extra days. Dewey Dell is so ready to get rid of this baby, that the bridge being out causes her more anxiety than before. She can barely mourn the death of her mother for thinking about her pregnancy. She feels that the sooner she gets this kid out, the sooner she can focus on losing her mother. But first, the family needs to come up with a plan to cross this raging river. In a way, the river symbolizes a hardship (maybe the death of Addie), and the family has to get through it together; the same way they must cross the river together. On the other hand, for Dewey Dell, the river could symbolize a personal problem (such as the abortion) that she must overcome to see new hope.