As I Lay Dying

In chapter 14 how does this chapter develop the theme of isolation?

chapter 14 is called "Dewey Dell" and it just ask the theme of isolation and how it is developing.

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Dewey Dell feels isolated as she is pregnant and not sure what to do. She is caught in the dilemma of wanting to feel the baby inside her, to help her feel less lonely, but then having tnot alone, everybody would know ito acknowledge that she is pregnant as her condition would be obvious -

'If I could just feel it, it would be different, because I would not be alone. But if I were not aloe, everybody would know it.'

She is afraid of what is to come, and with her mother dead, she has no-one to confide in-

'I feel my body, my bones and flesh beginning to part and open upon the alone, and the process of coming unalone is terrible.'

We also see Vardaman's growing depression and confusion as he begins to connect the death of his mother with the fish that has been killed to eat.


'As I Lay Dying' - W. Faulkner