As I Lay Dying

Anse and his actions

What are two really mean actions undertaken by Anse in the book? I think the selling of Jewel's horse is one, but any ideas on the second?

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Yea, Anse is a selfish idiot. Others would be; he buys false teeth with Dewey's money; he doesn't help the family look for cash's tools after the incident while crossing the river; he obviously didn't know how to give it to Addie becuase she had an affair with a priest (which isn't mean but hilarious); and gets a new wife two weeks after Addie has been buried... Anse is quite a jerk.

I think Anse got married the ame day Addie was burried- remember, he was returning the shovels before they took Cash to the doctor, and came out of the house with the new Mrs. Bundren.