Arms and the Man

What are the characters and the role they played in the play ''Arms and the man''?

George Bernard Shaw(1856-1950) is the writer.

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This is a short answer forum. Thus, it's probably a good idea to split your questions up a bit more. I have provided you with six characterizations below. If there are any others you need please feel free to post them separately.

Captain Bluntschli is β€œthe chocolate-cream soldier.” He is a refugee and professional soldier, loyal to whichever side can pay him. Bluntschli is 35, wealthy, honest, and humble.

Louka is one of the Petkoff's maidservants. She is prideful and often acts on her resentment toward those she serves, but she's also very smart and witty to boot. Mesmerizing Raina's fiance isn't an accident working against the class system in declaring they have a right to marry makes her the voice of equality in a class conscious world.

Nicola is the Petkoff's manservant. He is middle-aged, controlling, and has mastered the art of extortion, but unlike Louka he doesn't work against the class system, but rather uses it to get what he wants. Nicola plans on using the money he extolls to set up shop in Sofia.

Catherine Petkoff is the grand lady. She runs a tight ship (household), and she is an excellent example of the "true" aristocrat. Unfortunately, she treats her family in the same way she treats her servants. Catherine focuses on keeping the upper hand within her household as a whole by consistently demeaning those around her and using deception whenever necessary to control the action.

Catherine's husband is Major Paul Petkoff. He is fifty years old and a member of the Bulgarian cavalry. His wife and daughter both tend to wrap him around their little fingers, but they also love him. The one thing that truly separates him from Catherine is his desire to live traditionally, something in direct opposition to Catherine's desire to modernize their lives.

Raina is the daughter of Catherine and Paul Petkoff. She is 23, beautiful, and engaged to Sergius (well, at least until Louka moves in on him). Raina is a dreamer, she reads romance novels and has a great imagination. She falls in love with Captain Bluntschli.


Arms and the Man