Arms and the Man

Raina's truth??

what whould you say her truth is? somthing like Sergius's truth is whatever he believes is true " I never say sorry

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I think Raina finally subscribes to Bluntschi's worldview as "truth". Raina, a young woman from an upper class Bulgarian family, begins the play clinging to romantic delusions about both war and love, worshiping her fiancé Sergius' brave feats in war and cherishing the pure love they share. She self-consciously attempts to live up to these romantic ideals; Catherine reveals that she always listens outside doors, waiting for the most dramatic moment to enter. Yet Raina has doubts about the realism of the notions that she and Sergius share. She also shows significant compassion, cringing at the cruelty of hunting down fleeing troops and ultimately saving Bluntschli's life. By the end of the work, Raina has, with Bluntschli's prompting, abandoned her romantic posturing and embraced a more pragmatic viewpoint. The play ends with her engagement to the practical Bluntschli.