Arms and the Man

Bluntchli as a romantic idiot...

In what ways has Bluntchli proved to be a romantic idiot according to Raina?

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Raina successfully and publicly "fools" Bluntchli in reagrd to her age and intentions. As a pragmatic, practical and realistic character, he doesn't believe in romance. And yet, Raina's reaction to his posturing, all while knowing he loves her, leads him to act the romantic fool.... to believe in romance and see the neceassity.

When Louka admits her relationship with Sergius, shedefends herself to Catherine, saying she has done Raina no harm, as she is destined to marry the Swiss soldier anyway. Bluntschli is incredibly surprised by Louka’s remark, not having known about Raina’s love for him. Bluntschli calls the idea of their marrying nonsense; he describes Raina as a young girl of seventeen. He admits to being romantic and somewhat foolish, having returned to the house to see her again, but protests that she is only a child. Finding out she isn't..... that turns the tables.