Aristotle's Politics

What according to aristotle's theory would be the moral thing for the mayor to do in this case?

Imagine a small town occupied by enemy forces during a war. The resistance has been active in this town, and the leader of the occupying troops calls all of the townspeople together and announces that all men between the ages of 15 and 65 are to be executed. In response to the pleas of the citizenry, he modifies his order and announces that he will permit most of the men to live on condition that the mayor choose three ment from the town's population and kill htme himself, publicly as an example to the others.

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Busted! It's ok I don't know the answer either. He doesn't make any sense.



Yeah, that's why I'm looking for some feedback b/c he talks in circles. Some of what he says makes sense but some of it doesn't......LOL

Did anyone ever figure out the answer to this? I don't know if I wrote the right thing or not. D:

Did any one figure this out? having trouble myself with this. Rumsey isn't very clear on the subject!