Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics

What are the moral dilemma in Nicomachean ethics

What are the moral dilemma in Nicomachean ethics?

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In a nutshell, moral dilemmas include aversion to pain and desire for pleasure, each of which effect virtue (cowardice/ bravery- gluttony/ sexual pleasure).


Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics

which chapter have the most about it?

Start by checking Gradesaver's Part Eight analysis and summary. I will look in the meantime to see if that was correct.

Is friendship something I can write about? I am really confused on the meaning of the moral dilemma.

I wouldn't consider friendship a moral dilemma, unless of course you are coming from the angle of loyalty. You might have a moral dilemma if a friend was doing something wrong (illegal/ immoral), and you had to choose between loyalty or addressing the problem.

I understood the question wrong I guess. I needed to find a moral dilemma and resolve it from the guidance from the book. So the example can work with friendship i guess

really struggling to figure out a good moral dilemma to write a paper on

I don't know if you have any moral dilemmas in your own life, but personal experience would inspire the best paper. Think about a time that you or someone you know well has made a poor decision...... something that reflected poorly of your character (or theirs). You could also switch that around..... use an example of a good or proper decision made because of your own values and sense of morality.