Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics

is the ultimate good unattainable in our society today?

If one of the requirements of the ultimate good is self-sufficiency, then in our modern, interconnected society it seems that Aristotle's definition is ultimately out of our reach. Any thoughts on this?

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I would agree. Although a question of whether you are applying the definition of self sufficiency to just the individual or to a larger community arises. Clearly in some communities today, such as the Amish, self sufficiency is achieved. However, it was rare to find self sufficiency at the individual level even in Aristotle's time.

A student,studying Aristotlian Ethics

The ultimate good is scarcely attainable in our society today. Individuals are mainly concerned with the means but not the end of their actions. The product of their means is an illusion. Faced with hard knocked realities of poverty the means matters most in comparison to the ultimate good.