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From "Armistice" by Bernard Malamud

How does Gus and Leonard feel about each other?

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Leonard is somewhat afraid of Gus and sickened by his father's reaction to him. He doesn't like the arguments between the two men and begs his father not to fight. Leonard doesn't like the meat man or his wares.

The boy disliked the meat man and always tried to avoid him. He was nauseated by Gus's laughter, which he called a cackle, and he would not allow his father to do business with Gus in the kitchen when he was having his milk and crackers after school.

Gus doesn't seem to like Leonard at all either and calls him a "little bastard" when he attempts to intervene in their argument.

"Papa," cried Leonard, holding him, "don't fight, please, please."

"Mind your own business, you little bastard," said Gus, pushing Leonard away.

A sob broke from Leonard's throat. He began to cry.