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Book report

Page 1: “...Will survive hours--days---of punishment to become a Navy SEAL.”

Page 6: “My other fear was that I’d miss my chance at a meaningful life...They’d told me that I should work hard so I could go to a place called college. College, they promised, was ‘the ticket.’”

Page 34-36: "Out of all the places I could go to I choose China...Again he stabbed the page with his finger, his face growing ruddy. 'You have broken the Chinese law. You MUST punish.'...I left a lot of naivete in China."

Page 37: “You came to the gym to fight...You worked and worked and worked at it.”

Page 84: “My life was crystallizing around one idea: serving. I wanted to be on the ground on the frontline.”

When the author is telling this, is he informing, or entertaining us.

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The above quotes are informational.