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First or Third Person - Scholarship Admission Essay

Hi - 

I have a Cultural Affairs essay to produce for a scholarship application. 

As part of this application I have to provide a Personal Statement and a Leadership essay both of which must be in first person. However - the cultural affairs essays does not indicate it should be of a personal viewpoint. 

"Choose an issue in contemporary social, international, business, environmental, diplomatic, arts, or other policy that is of interest to you. This essay should examine the current factors and trends influencing the topic and make a realistic recommendation of how local, national, or international leaders should intervene to contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous future."

I am not sure what voice they are looking for, can anyone assist? I know what to write for the essay, and the topic, it is only whether it must be 1st or 3rd person :) 



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I could guess and say first person, but you would do best by checking with your school. That way, you would be sure.