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Does my analysis adress the prompt?

Prompt: There are many types of journeys one can take in life. They can be internal and lead to a process of self-discovery, or external
involving an actual physical journey that might be filled with challenges or obstacles. Include references from the fiction or non-fiction
texts that relate to the theme of journeys

Page 1: “...Will survive hours--days---of punishment to become a Navy SEAL.”

Analysis: In order to become a Navy SEAL, Eric must undergo an arduous journey filled with, “struggles and uncertainty.” Though Eric is aware that “1 out of 10” won’t survive, he chooses to train because mentally he wants to show his resilience despite his mind and body screaming for him to quit. In addition, he’s able to constitute a self-reflection by assimilating brotherhood, friendship, etc.Furthermore, to the journey, he’s physically trying to push himself forward for people’s justice and freedom. On the contrary of his journey, Eric became “Strong and Iron willed.”

Book: The warrior's heart becominng a man of compassion and courage

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Your analysis sounds good..... check the following:

brotherhood, friendship, etc

On the contrary of his journey...

should read as a result, contrary makes no sense

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