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Does my analysis mention if the journey is internal and/or external?

Prompt: There are many types of journeys one can take in life. They can be internal and lead to a process of self-discovery, or external involving an actual physical journey that might be filled with challenges or obstacles. Include references from the fiction or non-fiction texts that relate to the theme of journeys.

In order to become a Navy SEAL, Eric must undergo an arduous journey filled with, “struggles and uncertainty.” Though Eric is aware that “1 out of 10” won’t survive, he chooses to train because mentally he wants to show his resilience despite his mind and body screaming for him to quit. In addition to this he learns brotherhood, leadership skills, etc. Furthermore, to the journey, he’s physically trying to push himself forward for people’s justice and freedom. On the contrary of his journey, Eric became “Strong and Iron willed.”

Eric fierce passion for adventure leads him to a journey, in an attempt to obtain the ticket and progress in the real world. However, he’s not willing to advance in college like everyone else, rather he’s going against the tide. Despite a few gaps in his plan, he uses his intellect and tenacity to resolve problems, including: earning money. Since his parents aren’t flush, to “Get where he wants to go,” he creates with his own business called, “Greitens Lawn Care.”During Eric’s journey.

In China he had been outwardly going against society, therefore becoming anti-government. He accomplished this by “Talking about the American government” to Chinese students which is strictly forbidden. Moreover, he went against the police, which is suicide. Although, he absconds the situation, he realizes how cruel the world is after confronting others struggle. Likewise, despite what kept happening to them, they stood courageous even if it meant death. Consequently, in the inner he decided that rather than focusing on the adventure he should more so, “Choose a path with purpose.”

After leaving China Eric covets to get stronger to defend himself and others, so he sustains the journey of boxing. On the outside, he ordinarily gradually earns this strength by “fighting and sparring others.” He also procures it, by getting hit, beaten up, etc making him comprehend how to recoil himself. Nevertheless, on the inside it completely reformed him, and made him, “Someone that he never knew before.”

After inspecting the muddles people thole in Bosnia, Eric decides that subsequently, to stop this, he needed to “Get his hands dirty,” conversely just talking about it.This makes him internally want to fortify others and terminate the injustice/war between both countries. Thus, he’s internally able to “Find a purpose in his life.” This leads to him swallow a journey in the military about him externally fighting through the harsh environment.

If I Don't, please tell me how I do so without repeating myself.

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I would say that you've accomplished both.