Villanova University

The American Dream

This sentence is the sentence which encourages me how to create my career in this country. My dream in this country is to become a engineer by passing a four year collage. To accomplish this task I am ready to do anything said to me and told to me and Villanova university is the best university for me to accomplish my task. As I will tell you about me. I immigrated to this country in Feb. 12 2008. I am from India, there I did not get the scores I wanted and I did not do well. When I had a chance to come here, I thought this is the best and last chance for me in my life to improve myself and my all the scores which I did not score in my country. According to me this university is the one

which will give me that chance to prove myself and to prove my results.

I am only waiting for a chance to be given to me so that I can wash all the bad scores and begin everything new in this country and start a new life. I choose to be a engineer because that is the thing which inspired me to progress in my life. Even though my father was a medical doctor in my country I always wanted to be an engineer and that is the one which will make me successful in my life.

All I want is a chance given to me to prove myself in this collage because I was too late in high school to do the things just like how other people would have been doing from freshmen year like wrestling, playing football and running track. Right now I am playing football which is my first year, I will be wrestling in winter which will be my second year in wrestling and the most imp. season for me to get scholarship for this collage and I will be running track in spring which will be my first year in track. I am running track because I am speedy and I have long lasting stamina so I will be a long distance runner.

In high school in this country also I was very late to do sports so collage and universities are the only one and this is the good university for me to accomplish my tasks and I am waiting for one chance.

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