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How does power corrupts leaders?

So I have an English research paper that's due next Friday and I need help writing an introduction for my paper. My research paper is about how does power corrupt leaders and I already have a 500-word rough draft for it. I have my thesis but I don't know how to start my introduction. Also in my introduction, I need an attention grabber/ hook. Thanks for who ever responds...

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I can't write this for you but I can give you some suggestions. Absolute power enables a person to do what they like without checks and balances. Power is intoxicating to some people. Consider Macbeth who could not stop killing people when he became king. Consider dictators and despots around the world who have done unspeakable things in the name of power. People even seek power in their everyday relationships. Is lust for power innate to the human condition? Many argue that it is.