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Character sketch on Huck in Huckleberry Finn

I am a member and need a character sketch of Huck in Huckleberry Finn

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Huck is the novel's main character and narrator. He has no mother (she's passed away), and his father is often gone, but even when he's home he not there; Huck's dad is a drunkard. Basically an orphan, Huck lives with Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas, they take good care of him even though he fights against their motherly ways. He leaves home seeking independence and the chance to make his own home in the natural world he loves best. His leaving causes all sorts of commotion and he experiences all kinds of adventure along with Jim and Tom.


Huckleberry Finn

Huck is Tom’s true friend. He has no mother, and his father is a drunk man. He leaves home seeking freedom and the chance to make his own home in the natural world. He hates the indoors, studying, and getting dressed. He is disliked by all the parents in town and adored by the local boys. These parents think that Huck does not have any manners and runs wild. They have told their children not ever to talk to him. Whereas, the boys envy his freedom. They want to be free and just like Huck. Huck is very poor and is mostly outdoors, seen on the streets, stealing from people. He is an uneducated boy Tom and Huck are true friends and are always ready for an adventure. They both have plans to start a gang of robbers, which includes Joe Harper, Jim, and many others.