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What kind of humour does "An Astrologers Day" by R.K.Narayan please give me an outline and i will do the rest as it is important,as i need it for my project?

This is from "An Astrologer's Day" by R.K.Narayan..

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I think the humour can be predominantly be found in Narayan's sense of irony and a certain sense of disbelief. Narayan's world is predominantly a Hindu one in which fate plays an important role. Nothing happens by accident and all human actions have consequences. The entire story is based on the astrologer's sense of guilt at having stabbed another young man in the village and then having absconded in order to avoid punishment. The stabbing is later seen to be an act of youthful folly. Nonetheless, the astrologer lives with the fear of being identified, and the curious irony is that it is he who identifies the victim and not the other way about. He does not pay for his crime, but the story ends on the note that he had spent years regretting his deed and that in itself is punishment enough. The story demands a suspension of disbelief, and if credibility is strained at certain points, it is because the author's notion of fate transcends rational explanation.