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Would This Be a bad idea for a College Essay?

Hey, I was struggling about finding a topic for my College Essay (I need a really strong one) and I found something that I can pationately speak about but it seems to not be an ideal topic. I wanted to speak about my dog who passed away, leaving me with the independance and strength to sucseed in life. Heres a brief brainstorm of my ideas that i will elaborate on


-Emotions when I got rocky in 6th grade and the dream that I had (To be independant in any situation)

-How he gave me motivation to do classwork and chores at home

-Got me through highschool and how I joined a world Championship Robptics team

-how he affected the people he met and gave me the confidence when interacting with new people

-My move to another highschool and how i had his support

-The school was racially dofferent from mine so I struggled to make friends but ended up sucseeding and joining another WC robotics team (my previous team lost after i left)

-My determination to work harder in school as he fought cancer (in my senior year)

-How far I got because of him and my goal to improve so that I can make him proud

-My wish was fulfilled and I am now independant like I wanted.

Thank you for spending the time to read this, I may remove a few topics but I wanted some insight if it has the potential to be a good essay.

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I think this really depends on the context of what is expected for your essay. Unfortunately this is only a short-answer space about specific literature.

The prompt was "Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it."