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Do my quotes strongly support the author's purpose which is to inform us on the importance of finding a purpose, path, and journey in your life?

“...Will survive hours--days---of punishment to become a Navy SEAL.”

“My other fear was that I’d miss my chance at a meaningful life...They’d told me that I should work hard so I could go to a place called college. College, they promised, was ‘the ticket.’”

"Again he stabbed the page with his finger, his face growing ruddy. 'You have broken the Chinese law. You MUST punish.'...I left a lot of naivete in China."

“You came to the gym to fight...You worked and worked and worked at it.”

“My life was crystallizing around one idea: serving. I wanted to be on the ground on the frontline.”

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I'm not sure what novel your quotes pertain to, but I would say that they seem to fit in with the categories you've cited.