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The author uses the phrase patriarchal society in paragraph 10 and provides some examples. In two paragraphs, analyse the notion of patriarchy in relation to your context (society/country). Your analysis should demonstrate how your context exhibits featur

English for Academic based on "The Untranslatable word "Macho" on page 291

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Sorry, I do not have this article.

Here is the paragraph they talking about.

Please help on the answer.

In a patriachal soceity, few challenge their role. If mendrinks, it's because it's the manly thing to do. If they gamble, it's beacuse it's how man relax. and if they fool around, it's beacuse a man simply cant hold back so much! My aunts didn't exactly meekly sit back, but they put up with thses trnasgressions because Mexican society dictated thi. was their lot in life.


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