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How imporant is it to keep it less than 500 words ?

On the Common Application website it says that the Application Essay needs to be 500 words or less, but there are many essays on this website, which are longer than 500 words. I even saw one with more than 800 words. So my question is : How imporant is it to keep it less than 500 words and what happens if I submit one with more than 500 words ?

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Hey, I think if they say 500 words, you should keep it at that. It is a criteria that they are looking for and others, who write more, may get penalized. Good writers can effectively communicate with fewer words than inexperienced writers. Having a word limit forces the writer to be clear, concise and (often) thoughtful. Good Luck!

Ok, guess I will have to think of a way to cut out half of what I've written. Thank you for your answer.

I should just write a page. Having two pages make the admission office tired psychologically.


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