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Why does the ease of getting into the Institute concern Max?

Maximum Ride The angel Experiment

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Max knows they shouldn't be there and that the records should be more closely accessed. It took them forever to find the right place, but it was far too easy to get in once they got there.


Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment

Hi Jill, the multiple choice on this question are: 1. She thought it was suspicious-probably a trap. 2. In her visions, the doors were always locked, not open or 3. The voice tells her that is it waiting for her on the other side or 4. She thought they made a wrong turn in the sewer and went to the wrong place.

Sorry Christine........ I was using google books for this as I am not very familiar with this novel. If you like...... repost your questions, and I will leave them for Aslan to take a look at this evening. He may be better able to assist you.

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