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In canto 30 of Dante's Inferno, how are the people in the canto connected to Dante's life or his biography?

I am typing a critical analysis and must connect the people that Dante's used in Canto 30 to his own life. For example people like Gianni Schicchi, Master Adam, Capocchio, or Sinon.

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In Canto 30, Dante sees a number of people he's known in one way or another. He sees a woman named Myrrha who desired his father and seduced him while disguised as another; Master Adam, a counterfeiter, Potiphar's wife, a seductress, and Sinon who tries to pick a fight with Adam in the midst of hell.

This canto is all about giving Dante what he want; he want to see hell and Virgil takes him on his own personal tour....... this canto also show the degrees of sin and how they are punished. My favorite lesson in this canto is Virgil's reminder to Dante that he isn't there as an observer, voyeurism is unacceptable. Ironically, we as readers take on this part ourselves........... and yet the lesson is that to watch torture for the sake of watching it is a terrible wrong. Funny how these lessons continue to apply, and that there's something to be learned or reminded of in everything. Dante's Inferno transcends time in its message. Today's media allows for voyeurism on a regular basis, people even welcome the 'watchers' in order to make money. Just a thought........


Dante's Inferno/ Canto 30