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What desturbing dream did David have on pg 53?

The Chrysalids Thank you Aslan so much for helping me so far. Youre the best!

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He dreams that his father is going to slaughter Sophie like some mutant animal. Sophie begs for mercy and help, but receives none from the devout people who sing a hymn to God. The irony is that in the Christian faith, God is merciful and loves all creatures, yet these people are the opposite. David’s father then kills Sophie by cutting her throat. The symbolism is that Sophie is the innocent lamb, like Jesus, who is sacrificed by a troop of people who have missed the point about the Bible. David’s father, who believes he is doing perfect good, is actually evil, under the guise of strict religion. The dream is foreboding because it warns the reader that Sophie is in real danger.


The Chrysalids