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How is isolation and loneliness present in Animal Farm?

I am planning on discussing about how isolation and loneliness is often voided by some sort of companionship. However, I lack two proofs from Animal Farm that supports my argument.

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Initially, when the animals emancipate themselves, there is a sense of community. As Napoleon's power increases, the animals become increasingly isolated by fear. Napoleon makes sure he divides the various animals and then controls all of them. They are alone in their fears, afraid to reach out to other animals or even their own kind.

If the animals are alone in their fears, how do they void their isolation and loneliness through companionship or having one another?

That's the thing, Napoleon divided and conquered. Each species had their own fears to worry about (i.e. hens had to lay so many eggs). They were too afraid to commune with other animals. This is much like how Stalin controlled his own people.