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how does this porm exhibit neoclassical style

a song for st cecilias day by john dryden

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The neo-classicism of Dryden and Pope was representative of the spirit of the age. The Restoration age marked the close of the genuine "romanticism" of the Elizabethan period and also the decadent romanticism of the Jacobean and Caroline periods. The creative imagination, exuberant fancy, and extravagance of the past had no appeal for an age which saw the establishment of the Royal Society and the inauguration of a new era of experimental science. A critical spirit was aboard, and men stopped taking things for granted. The spirit of the age was analytic and inquisitive, not synthetic and naively credulous. It put a greater stress on reason and intellect than on passion and imagination. The neo­classical poetry of Dryden, Pope, and their contemporaries was a manifestation of this new spirit. So, understanding this we can see neo-classical style embedded in a song for st cecilias day. Here you have music, angles and the elements all mixed in to create a romanticism that is the hallmark of Dryden's style. Take a look at the poem and you will see.