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How obsession of money might kill somebody?

would you please, give me the answer within 400 words.

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I suppose people kill for money all the time. Again, obsession with money (and killing someone for it) has all kinds of underlying conditions, anxieties and mental trauma going on as well. Consider a gangster from an organized gang who might kill someone over money. Finances are only part of the equation. Loyalty to the gang, identity and peer pressure have much to do with this. Even "regular" people who might kill for money may have debts and lifestyle that fuel this "obsession" for money. I guess my point is that people like money for different reasons. It is for these reasons that people become obsessed. For some money is simply a form of external validation and for others it enables them to chase a lifestyle which is very expensive.

I was also considering the fact that many people in the western world, North America in particular, chase money to the point of killing themselves. THey don't exercise and eat bad diets. This can, in time, hurt them.