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In nancy drew and the clue crew book #21.

Why does Deidre Shannon think she's better than everybody?

Nancy Drew is in which grade?

Why did Antonio Elfano 'fake' his prank on Nadine Nardo's new Lula Rappaport hoodie at lunch? He didn't mean to right?

Deidre said that her Klue Krew was were with the K's. Why was she copying Nancy's Clue Crew?

How many cases have Nancy solved?

Why doesn't Antonio stop pulling pranks on kids at River Heights Elementary School?

How could you explain Violet Keeler, the new girl in Nancy's class?

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Deidre thinks she's 'better' than everybody because she doesn't have the GUTS.

Nancy Drew is in 3rd grade.

Antonio is famous for pulling pranks and stealing more than one package of crackers at lunch.

Deirdre thinks that Nancy and her 'Clue Crew' are totally clueless. But you can kinda tell Deidre's Klue Krew is clueless than Nancy Drew's Clue Crew. Nancy asked Deidre how many cases (mysteries)she and Madison and Kendra have solved. Deidre replied nervously lots of cases.

Like I said before, Antonio just LOVES pulling pranks on kids. He's not smart that way.

Violet is nice, even though she asked Nadine if she can borrow or buy Nadine's Lula Rappaport hoodie at gym class. Nadine answered to Violet she can't borrow it because her Aunt Chloe bought it for her birthday. Nadine said to Nancy, Georgia (George)and Bess something. (I totally forgot, sorry!) Violet looked disappointed and she walked away. But then the day after, Nadine had shocking news: Her Lula Rappaport hoodie was stolen! At the end, Nancy figured out that Violet Keeler stole her hoodie(Nadine's hoodie) because she really wanted a party theme featuring let alone Lula.


Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew