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Having a rough day, what could i do?

working a lot this days requires too much strength what i could do to be relief?

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All of us have bad mornings, too, but it's important to have a good morning so that you can feel good about yourself. Just follow the simple steps below. Don't wake up too early, but you should wake up early enough. Waking up by an alarm is not so good. Try waking up to a calming sound, like Bach or Beethoven, or recorded rain. Take a quick shower if needed. If you are not confident and your hair is a mess, taking a quick morning shower is a good idea. A nice hot shower will make you feel energized and ready for the day. Turn on the radio or TV to hear some news, music and talk. Stay in tune with the world. Wear proper clothing, not house rags or pajamas--even if you're not going anywhere. Wear a nice shirt with little or no stains. Wear nice presentable slacks. When you get dressed, you become more awake.

A Coke or a cup of coffee doesn't count.

You need to actually eat breakfast. You should have a breakfast with good proteins and vitamins. If you have enough time, pop a piece of toast in the toaster and prepare and eat two eggs or 3 egg whites with your breakfast. Brush your teeth thoroughly - not too quickly; so take your time on oral hygiene. You have all day to get your other stuff done. Get your things together and go to school or work feeling satisfied, and ready for the a good, new day every day. Be timely. If you have to be at work by seven, and it takes you 5 minutes to get there and 30 minutes to get ready, get up at 6:00 so you'll have time for everything you need, plus sometime to relax so you don't feel rushed. When you get up in the morning, wash your face with cold water, and take a nature walk around the neighbourhood or park, then, you might feel refreshed.


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