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Vocabulary in Action

Write the vocabulary word that is suggested by each description below.

Vocabulary Words Below?

1. If you don't give way, give in, or give an inch, and you never say die, this describes you.

2. Facing a vicious dog or having to perform a solo could make a person feel this way.

3. Walking five miles to buy beans at a discount is an example of this.

4. This sis someone who finds fault, comes down hard, and rakes people over the coals.

5. This is what sunny skies are for punic planners, storm clouds are for farmers in need of rain.

6. Clues help a deceptive do this about a suspect's guild.

7. Listening to mournful music on a gray, cloudy day could make you feel this way.

8. Odysseus, Crazy Horse, Davy Crockett, and Hercules all had plenty of this.

9. One could tell workers to do this by saying "Take a break."

10. This could describe an accent, a style of dressing, or a way of celebrating a holiday.

Vocabulary Words:

a. censurer

b. daunted

c. melancholy

d. parsimony

e. peculiar

f. propitious

g. prowess

h. response

i. resolute

j. singular

k. surmise

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Ah, these are the ones I didn't see..... so sorry. Thank you for posting them again!