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Section Summary chapter 11 section 2 (A New Kind of War)

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1. Why did a stalemate develop on the Western Front?

2. How did technology make World War I different from earlier wars?

3. What were the two battlefronts in Europe called?

4. What does the word confronted mean in the underlined sentence?

5. Please identify important details that show the difference between the course of the war on the Western Front and on the Eastern Front.

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1) Trench warfare made for long campaigns.

2) Modern weapons (technology) caused high numbers of casualties on both sides.

3) the Western and Eastern fronts

4) challenged/ fought



what happened to question 5?

5) The Western front suffered severe damages imposed by German submarines. The Eastern front had far higher casualties than the Western front. This can be found in the 3rd and 4th paragraphs.

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