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Pages 8 and 9 ( Big Agriculture is the Only Option to Stop the World Going Hungry by Jay Rayner

(Paragraph 8)  The solution, embracing of the kind of super dairy proposed at Nocton Heath in Lincolnshire, which will house more than 8,000 cows, bedded down indoors on sand, is met with howls of derision because it's not "natural". The dairy farmers I've talked to may take issue with it for the impact it could have on smaller farms, but none of them sees animal welfare as an issue. Unhappy, ill animals do not produce milk, so it's not in the farm's interests to mistreat them or shorten their lifespan. Also, the carbon footprint of such a large facility may actually be many times smaller than that of the traditional dairy farm.

(Paragraph9)  If we are to survive the coming food security storm, we will have to embrace unashamedly industrial methods of farming. We need to abandon the mythologies around agriculture, which take the wholesome marketing of high-end food brands at face value – farmer in smock, ear of corn, happy pig – and recognise that farming really is an industry, much like car manufacturing or steel forging, one which always works better on a mass scale, but which can still be managed sustainably.



   Paragraph 8 and 9 

   What does it say?        What does it mean?     What does it matter?

   (Summary or gist)         (Interpretation)              (implications/consequences(

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Chapter 8

Mega dairy farms produce a lot of milk.

Only happy cows produce milk so it is in the interest of any farm to keep cows happy. 

People care about animal welfare and the economics of food.  


Chapter 9

Industrial food production is vital to surviving food crises.

We need to abandon romantic ideas of small local farms.

This matters because this discussion can determine the future of the food industry.