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p 11. The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe

p.11 Visualizing.......Can you please help me with the following......

At each stage of the story, form a mental picture of the setting: note descriptive words, especially those describing physical appearance; note words and phrases that indicate direction or position - up, down, left, right, at the top, to the north. As your visualize at each stage please write down details, about the characters, events, and setting that you can vividly picture in your mind. I need at least 9 characters, 9 events and 9 setting that pertain to each character. Really need your help solving this one...Thanks again

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This would require a bit of time. Please list the CHARACTERS you're investigating in separate questions, and I will pull up the text.


I have a question on the above, that I had asked for help. How can you visualize, or mentally picture, what is being described in the story? If there is no characters except the narrator, how can one visualize who the characters are?