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My Sun is Set-How is the arrival of the white man affecting the lives of the Plains Indians?

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This was written by a tribal elder of the Plains Indians. He is mourning the way the arrival of the white settlers changed the lives of the Native Americans.

My sun is set. My day is done. Darkness is settling over me. Before I lie down to rise no more I will speak to my people. Hear me, for this is not the time to tell a lie. The Great Spirit made us, and gave us this land we live in. He gave us the buffalo, antelope, and deer for food and clothing. Our hunting gouda stretched from the Mississippi to the great mountains. We were free as the winds and heard no man's commands. We fought our enemies and feasted with out friends. Our braves drove away all who would take our game. They captured women and horses from our foes. Our children were many and our herds were large. Our old men talked with spirits and made good medicine. Our young men hunted and made love to the girls. Where the tepee was, there we stayed and no house imprisoned us. No one said, "To this line is my land, to that line is yours." Then the white man came to our hunting grounds, a stranger. We gave him meat and presents and told him to go in peace. He looked on our women and stayed to live in our tepees. His fellows came to build their roads across our hunting grounds. He brought among us the mysterious iron that shoots. He brought with him the magic water that make men flloish. With his trinkets and beads he even bought the girl I loved. I said, :The white man is not a friend, let us kill him." But their numbers were rester than blades of grass. They took away the buffalo and shot down our best warriors. They took away our lands and surrounded us by fences. Their soldiers camped outside with cannon to shoot us down. They wiped the trails of our people from the face f the prairies. They forced out children to forsake the way of their fathers. When I turn to the east I see no dawn. When I turn to the west the approaching night hides all.

Question 1. How is the arrival of the white man affecting the lives of the Plains Indians?

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Hey Greta, so nice to see your name again! I'll do whatever I can to help. In this prose the "Native Indian" way of life seems pretty utopian (perfect) until the arrival of the white man. They (the white men) brought destructive ideas and weapons to the Indian way of life. The natives lost many young warriors to the "mysterious iron" (guns) and land was split up and taken away. The Indians were lured in and ruined by "magic water" (alcohol) and their society was ripped apart. Children had to let go of traditional ways and were forced to follow white values and education.

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