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Jil/.....John Steinbeck Of Mice and MenSteinbeck Of Mice and Men

Chapter 4

4. Crooks told Lennie that if george didn't come back, Lennie would be sent_____________.

5. Crooks told Lennie that every man he has met has had the same dream of______________________.

6. After hearing about the plan to buy a farm,____________also wanted in on the plan.

7. Curley's wife told the men that if she had not married Curley, she could have________________.

8. After George and Lennie left, Crooks told Candy that he_____________.

9. Someone who is aloof is______________.

10. If you are crestfallen, you are______________.

11. TO have something appraised is to__________.

12. If someone was brutally honest, they are__________.

13. Someone who is disarming is_______________.

14. To feel indignation is to feel_______________.

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4) " the booby hatch."

5) "a little piece of lan’."

6) Crooks

7) been in the movies

8) “Well, jus’ forget it,” said Crooks. “I didn’t mean it. Jus’ foolin’. I wouldn’

want to go no place like that.”

9) detached

10) disappointed

11) evaluated

12) truthful

13) charming

14) annoyed