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Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty- Does this make us consider the ethical ramifications of this science.

If it is, the article

Says: Genetic Savings can clone pets.

Does: Makes us consider the ethical ramifications of this science.

Its the paragraph within the article.

Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty

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Cloning 1 Article ... Genetic Savings says it is on track to clone Missy, who died in 2002 at age 15, this year. 7, "We would .... Source: Genetic Savings & Clone.

It's one of the questions in the article.

Jill! can you please help me with this last question in article 9. Aslan answered it, but not sure if its what the question is asking, so he told me to ask you. Would appreciate you help. Thanks so Much Again!

Article 9 question 1

Question 1. Express what the short paragraph SAYS and what the passage does.

"It sounds like science fiction, but it's not."





"CEO Lou Hawthorne, a Marin entrepreneur of Genetic Savings and Clone of Sausalito is now offering to clone people's cats for $50,000 each. It's already been storing tissue samples of cats and dogs for a fee; now it says it's ready to go commercial with the cloning. Four pet owners have signed up; two more slots are open. The first cloned pets should be ready by November. The company was behind the first sucessful cloning of a cat, CC (Copy Cat), now two years old (in photo behind subject), who is healthy and living in Texas with one of the scientists who cloned her."

That's the only paragraph I see within the article.

I'd say it pretty well says the same thing:

Says: Genetic Savings can clone pets.

Does: Makes us consider the ethical ramifications of this science.

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If I remember correctly, question one was done for you as an example. I don't think you needed to do number one.

As for the second part of what you pasted above, I agree with your summation of what the article says. I don't, however, see anything alluding to ethical ramifications within the paragraph. The paragraph does initiate interest in the experiment and claim it has been successful.

Question One WAS done as an example, you can find the information in your package.

Says: cloning sounds like a weird and made up phenomena, but in reality, it could happen.

Does: although cloning sounds odd, it does exist and is real. The sentence tries to persuade me that cloning is real, which is what it does in the text.

You do not have to answer question one.

Thanks Once Again Jill!