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document a and b

Use your knowledge of World War II and Documents A, B, C to answer questions 1, 2, 3. (Document a) "It was believed with deep apprehension that many thousands, probably tens of thousands, of lives of Allied combatants would have been spent in the continuation of our air and sea bombardment and blockade....But the people who would have suffered most, had the war gone on much longer and their country invaded, were the Japanese. One American incendiary air raid on the Tokyo area in March 1945 did more damage and killed and injured more Japanese than the bomb on Hiroshima.

(from The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II) by Herbert Feis)

Document b

"Even without the use of the atomic bombs, the war would probably have ended before an American invasion of Kyuschu (one of the four main islands of Japan) became necessary. Conditions in Japan were steadily deteriorating...The destruction of cities from B-29 raids, diminishing food supplies, (and) decreased public morals fostered enough discontent to worry the emperor and his advisors. Even without the atomic attacks, it eems likely that the emperor at some point would have aced in the same way that he did in the aftermath of Hiroshima to end the war."

(from Prompt and Utter Destruction: Truman and the Use of Atomic Bombs against Japan by J. Samuel Walker)

Document C. In the spring of 1945, the Allies' island-hopping campaign in the Pacific brought them closer to the heart of Japan. When American troops invaded first the island of two Jima, then the island of Okinawa, the Japanese fought fiercely, but unsuccessfully, to keep them form gaining control. They knew that the Allies planned to use the islands as a base for an invasion of Japan itself.


Which of the following statement BEST summarizes Herbert Feis's explanation for Truman's use of the atomic bomb?

a. Use of the atomic bombs would cause more destruction

b. Use of the atomic bombs would save lives.

c. Use of the atomic bombs would ensure surrender.

d. Use of the atomic bombs would make it more difficult for Japan to rebuild its military.


J. Samuel Walker's main argument against the use of atomic bombs is that

a. Atomic bombs were much more destructive than conventional bombs.

b. An American invasion would not have been as destructive as the bombs.

c. The war would have ended soon anyway.

d. The Japanese emperor opposed the use of atomic bombs.

Aslan.....I typed all three texts...hopefully you can read them and answer for me the questions above........ Greta

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Question #1 "B"

Question #2 "C"