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C. Analyzing Documents.

C. "Isn't Every American proud of the part that American soldiers bore in the relief of Pekin (i.e., Beijing, where some U.S. citizens were held hostage by the Boxers)? But that would have been impossible if our flag had not been in the Philippines.

Gen. Chaffee led two infantry regiments, the Ninth and the Fourteen, and one battery of the Fifth Artillery to Pekin. They did not come direct from the United States; there was not time....But for these men and the marines from Manilla barracks, Minister Conger and his American comrades in the besieged legation would not have seen their country's flag, and would OWE THEIR RELIEF TO BRITISH,JAPANESE AND RUSSIANS.

When Mr. Bryan (Democratic candidate for president) tells you that the Philippines are worth nothing to America, you tell him to "REMEMBER PEKINI!"

Question....... According to the above document, the Phillipines are necessary to the United States as a (n)

A. source for raw materials.

B. outpost for Christian missionaries.

C. base for military actions.

D. market for U.S. goods.

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C. base for military actions