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Biology project

In this assignment, you will select one of the options that you can compare a cell to and design an analogous development structure. then, you will compare the structure of your development to the organelles of the cell that you have learned about in this unit. you will draw a diagram of your development structure, label the structures with creative names, and describe their role within your structure as compared to each organelle.

1. title your development

2. list at least 10 cell organelles and their analogous structures.

3. draw your analogous development

4. label the 10 or more analogous structures in your diagram and state why these structures are similar in function to your chosen organelle.

i was thinking a school

the nucleus would be the principle of the school since it control everything

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she only gave us the assignment and told us like the nucleus could be the principal.

i decided to change it instead of school its going to be a house

my parents are the nucleus

can the vacuole be the refrigerator because they store food

is basically to draw a diagram about society like something represent a cell. nucleus is the main one so parents are the main ones etc.

i just need help on what i can draw that represent 10 cell types

but its due tomorrow