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- I can't speak for what you learned but I learned a little bit about the ethics of cloning. I found the arguments against cloning more convincing. Still, the article seems to indicate the eternal struggle for immortality that people seek. If we can't have it, yet, for ourselves, at least we can have it for our pets. I suppose I'd like to learn more details of the genetic process in cloning.

-Certainly picking out specific details in the text is useful. Also summarizing and interpreting ideas the author is trying to get across is useful. It is interesting to look for any bias on the part of the author. THese skills would be helpful across many disciplines of study, especially Literature or History.

-I look for certain styles of writing. This will tell me the audience, demographic, and motivations for the article. I can share and explore ideas more effectively.I can take ideas, like the ethics of cloning, and develop my own thesis response to them.

- I really didn't know that cloning had become that wide spread since Dolly the sheep. I had no idea that pets are being cloned today. Also, I have stronger feelings against the whole practice than I did before.