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Aslan, Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty by Carolyn Said


Do you think hopefully you can help me with these this evening? Activity 18 and Activity 19?

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I'll try my best.

You need to post the questions you need.


- You are informing

-yes you are trying to persuade the reader on the ethics of cloning one way or another, whichever you chose.

-I'm not sure the terms he gave you but I'd call it non-fiction persuasive/informative.

- A letter is formal and usually has a persuasive purpose. It is more personal (addressed to a person) than an essay. It is more formal and official than an e-mail.

The other questions were answered for 18.

Activity 19 wants you to draft an actual letter. It shows you an example of the format. You basically need to answer the questions given before you write your letter. They are opinion based questions so I can't do that for you. Basically consider if you agree with cloning in principle. Do you want copies of your dog or cat? Are there ethics involved with manipulating life in this manner? Think of all the horrid things that can go wrong when playing around with genetic code. Do you think it is worth it in the end or are we meant to live and die? I can't write the letter for you but I'm sure you can handle this.